A lively town in the southernmost part of Norway
The zoo and the amusement park
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In Kristiansand the MSC cruise of Northern Europe touches the southernmost part of Norway, the region of Sørlandet, where thousands of islands and rocks dot the coast along the Skagerrak straits.
As you step ashore from the ship you find yourself in a lively town offering plenty of opportunities and attractions, such as the Kilden Performing Arts Centre, a striking building for its bold architecture, that hosts exhibitions and concerts all year round. The zoo and the Kristiansand amusement park (12 km from the town) are also an experience for the whole family.

There are museums like the Vest-Agder that gives the visitor insight into the local culture and history with impressive models of the town with its most representative buildings. The nature museum with its botanical gardens instead hosts the largest collection of cactus plants in Norway.

The Sørlandet museum of art hosts a permanent collection of Norwegian art while the imposing canons museum hosts the second largest cannon in the world and a rich collection of military exhibits. If instead you wish to immerse yourself in Kristiansand’s everyday life, visit the fish market, here you can find restaurants where you can enjoy the freshest fish, while there’s a bustling of boats coming and going. Try an experience into the past with a ride on the steam engine train.

You can get to the village of Vennes and then get a ticket for the Setesdal railway, which has since the 19th century connected Kristiansand and the other coastal towns to the once remote region of Setesdal. You should not miss an excursion to the delightful town of Lillesand, known as the jewel of the Sørlandet, with picturesque fishermen’s houses that have been turned into holiday homes in an environment of rare charm with the colourful port and ever-present Norwegian nature.

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    挪威的假期如梦幻般美好。 梦幻般的峡湾是这片土地最令人回味和最具特色的自然地貌。


    在MSC北欧航程期间,您也有机会欣赏绚烂的北极光;而如果您在夏天出行,那么一旦向北越过北极圈,您就能欣赏到壮观的午夜太阳。 在去往挪威的航程中,您也有机会探索两种古老人群的文化。其一是维京人(Vikings),他们不只是海盗和勇士,还是商人,探险家和殖民者,在直至11世纪的三百年间统治着斯堪的纳维亚和大西洋北部海域。另一个人群是这些地区的原住民萨米人(Samis),他们穿着五彩的衣服,驯养着大群的驯鹿,一万多年以来就这么生活在遥远的北方。

    最后,小心提防这里的巨魔(troll)! 您将参观的许多地方都以这些传说中的生物而命名,包括Trollheimen、Trollstigen(这里有壮观的巨魔之路),Trollhatten和Trollveggen。