The largest of the Svalbard islands
Tundras, glacial moraines and dark beaches
A heaven for nature lovers

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Surreal scenes

An MSC cruise of Northern Europe will take you to the wildest areas of the north-west coast of Spitsbergen, the largest of the Svalbard islands.
Here the sea penetrates the hinterland for eight kilometres, amidst mountains of black granite always covered with snow and glaciers like the Waggonwaybreen which lunges towards the sea to close the bay or like the Gullybreen that instead descends down to the Gullybukta bay.

In Magdalenefjorden the atmosphere is surreal as your cruise ship penetrates a territory of tundras, glacial moraines and dark sand beaches, ice and even icebergs. However, a cruise in the Magdalenefjorden is made even more pleasant by the mitigating effects of the Gulf Stream that ends its influence right here: the North Pole is just 600 miles away, just 200 more than the distance between the Svalbard and the Norwegian coast.

A base for whale hunting in the 17th century, this remote outpost has been inhabited for centuries in extreme conditions, as testified by the discovery of four blubber furnaces and 130 tombs dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Today a protected location, the Magdalenefjord is a haven for nature lovers: bird fauna is rich and fascinating. Here you can see Ross polar seagulls, black guillemots, arctic terns, marine magpies, arctic petrels just to mention some.

Besides the dangerous but fascinating polar bear (there are set safety rules to follow scrupulously when visiting these wild areas) other animals that you find here are the polar moose, the arctic fox and the walrus. And if you’re in the right season you can also see the flowering of the Svalbard poppy in its characteristic yellow or white version.

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    挪威的假期如梦幻般美好。 梦幻般的峡湾是这片土地最令人回味和最具特色的自然地貌。


    在MSC北欧航程期间,您也有机会欣赏绚烂的北极光;而如果您在夏天出行,那么一旦向北越过北极圈,您就能欣赏到壮观的午夜太阳。 在去往挪威的航程中,您也有机会探索两种古老人群的文化。其一是维京人(Vikings),他们不只是海盗和勇士,还是商人,探险家和殖民者,在直至11世纪的三百年间统治着斯堪的纳维亚和大西洋北部海域。另一个人群是这些地区的原住民萨米人(Samis),他们穿着五彩的衣服,驯养着大群的驯鹿,一万多年以来就这么生活在遥远的北方。

    最后,小心提防这里的巨魔(troll)! 您将参观的许多地方都以这些传说中的生物而命名,包括Trollheimen、Trollstigen(这里有壮观的巨魔之路),Trollhatten和Trollveggen。